ACIMEX & STAHL : celebrating 45 years of a solid partnership

Expert in lifting solutions in the construction, metallurgy, aircraft and energy industries, ACIMEX has been working for decades with world-renowned partners in the design of its machines. This is the case of STAHL Crane Systems, which collaborates with ACIMEX for the production of lifting grabs, segment trolleys or erectors.

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A key actor in the underground environment, ACIMEX draws and realizes segment trolleys as well as erectors. These devices handle the gripping, rotation and depositing of concrete segments for tunnel construction in complete safety.

Two lifting technologies for tunnel building

The segment trolley, provided with an erector, ensures the grip, the transport and the removal of each segment inside the tunnel. This last step is done using the ACIMEX vacuum technology built-in within the erector, allowing a precise and secure positioning of the segment. The lifting movements of this unit combined with the concrete piece would not be possible without the supply of a hoist system, manufactured by STAHL CraneSystems.

Illustration of a successful technical challenge for ACIMEX

In Austria, a 27.3-kilometer long railway tunnel between the Gloggnitz lands in Lower Austria and M├╝rzzuschlag in Styria will pass under the northern Alps from 2026.
For the construction of this site, ACIMEX erectors are supplied, themselves equipped with three Stahl electric hoists. This project is a technical challenge for ACIMEX : to obtain, in a small space, a precise positioning of the segments joined using a lifting speed of 7 to 12 meters per minute, which is higher than the required average.
This technical feat can be achieved by setting up a frequency converter combined with a closed-loop encoder. The whole ensemble is controlled by a software ensuring the lifting of the 3 hoists simultaneously. As a consequence, the acceleration or deceleration of the concrete parts is done gradually, with a real speed constantly checked and readjusted to the set-up speed indicated by the software.

A prosperous collaboration between ACIMEX and Stahl

The success of this Austrian achievement perfectly illustrates the growing need to mutualize European skills and know-how to perform technical projects, always more and more challenging. In addition to the technical expertise of each project, ACIMEX offers bespoke equipment, reinforcing its position as an expert in lifting solutions.

ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, can work with you on your projects. Please contact us or ask us for a quote.


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