ACIMEX lifting solutions for harbour activities

Handling solutions developed for the harbour environment are gaining more and more importance in the Concretelift range created by ACIMEX, which facilitates the lifting of any precast concrete block. ACIMEX aims to offer innovative solutions in order to move and position breakwaters for the creation of dams.

Handling concrete blocks to build dams

Created for a long time using rocks or rectangular concrete blocks, dams are now taking on a new shape with the creation of modern-looking concrete blocks, called breakwaters. Designed with four arms, these new kind of blocks interlock to compose a long embankment, which reduces the impact of waves on the coast.

To handle these blocks, which can weigh up until 50 tons each, professionals are seeking all-in-one solutions for their maritime projects : with only one tool, they need to move, position and drop the breakwaters safely and in a simple manner.

ACIMEX Tables PortuaireACIMEX Tables Portuaire2

Innovative handling tools for harbours

ACIMEX offers several products to allow the handling of breakwaters :

  • The C-hook : The C-hook is slowly becoming one of ACIMEX’s best-sellers among clients, who appreciate its manoeuvrability and its easy installation. Fixed to a forklift, it transports blocks of different sizes and puts them where needed on the working site. ACIMEX has delivered one of these to its client SCPR for the construction of the New Littoral Road in La Réunion in 2014, and also to Bouygues for the Calais Port extension in 2016.
  • The handling grab : Used mainly for the transport of tetrapods, the handling grab is a multi-tasking tool : just like the drop table, it allows the client to move and position the breakwater exactly where it should be on the dam. ACIMEX has delivered such a grab to its client VINCI (SWL 1.5T) for its PORT 2000 project in Le Havre, and the same kind of grab (SWL 1T) to SNIDJER for a project in China.
  • The drop table : This is a product that ACIMEX recently added to its catalogue, in partnership with French company MESURIS. ACIMEX has delivered to HYUNDAI in 2019 a 5T drop table for a working site in Kuweït. This table will allow our client to position tens of thousands of CORE-LOCTM blocks for the Al-Zour refinery dam.

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