Segment erectors by ACIMEX

ACIMEX, the leader for the industrial handling of heavy loads, is an expert in the manufacture and design of segment erectors. Ask for a quote for a model of erector with high technical added value that will match your expectations.

What does a segment erector do?

The ACIMEX segment erector operates in tunnels and handles the gripping, positioning and depositing of standard and invert segments. Located behind the TBM drilling head, inside the shield, the erector is connected to the TBM columns by two cylinders to position the segment on X, Y and Z to form a ring. This handling device, which can rotate through 360°, provides optimum safety in extreme environments.

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Segment erector: its key technical features

Fitted with 2 lateral suction cups fixed under the chassis and a central suction cup with vertical hydraulic movement, the ACIMEX segment erector works by means of a vacuum pump mounted on a pendulum and a rotating union for the arrival of the vacuum. The chassis can be rotated and the trim adjusted up to +/-5°. The erector is also fitted with 3 solenoid vacuum valves and 6 vacuum and pressure sensors (three 4-20 mA vacuum switches and 3 pressure gauges). Finally, it should be noted that the supply voltage for this CE certified handling device is 400V 3-phase and its maximum load capacity is 20 tonnes.

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ACIMEX segment erectors are used in the largest tunnelling machines in the world

In 2013, NFM Technologies called on the technical expertise of ACIMEX by ordering a custom built erector for the construction of the concrete ring on the largest TBM built in France (15.08 m in diameter). As a matter of interest, the largest erector ever built was also manufactured by the company. The diameter of the inner ring was 15.848 m, its weight 18 tonnes and it was used by Hitachi for the construction of the "Alaskan way" tunnel. This is new evidence of the reliability of the equipment designed and manufactured by ACIMEX.

ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, can work with you on your projects. Please contact us or ask us for a quote.