Handling vats and tanks with ACIMEX vacuum lifters

ACIMEX offers with its Concretelift range customized vacuum lifters for the release of concrete vats from their moulds. They can also turn them over, as well as grip and lift tanks, and conduct many other handling operations on concrete objects, in absolute safety.

Loads that are heavy and delicate to handle

Concrete trays and vats, telecommunication chambers, vaults, containers and tanks are difficult loads to handle because of their weight and volume.

Smooth or rough, thick or thin, flexible or rigid, deformed or straight, sealed or porous; the ACIMEX vacuum lifting technique allows you to handle all kinds of loads and materials, including those made of concrete. Our Concretelift equipment with its suction cups represents an ideal solution, because the lifting force can only be applied on one face of the concrete load in the mould.


Watch an ACIMEX turning vacuum lifter in action.

Improve safety and performance by using ACIMEX Concretelift vacuum lifters

Lifting machinery designed by ACIMEX to handle concrete vats and tanks offers optimum safety and a considerable increase in productivity on work sites.

The new Concretelift range of suction cup turning lifters demoulds concrete containers weighing 5 tonnes and turns them over through 180° completely seamlessly in a single movement (for our customer Omnium). An ideal system for handling heavy concrete loads such as concrete vats and tanks in confined spaces.

ACIMEX, French leader in vacuum handling equipment, puts ergonomics, safety and the operator interface at the forefront by paying attention to the strength and toughness of its equipment. A genuine know-how that has led many customers to entrust us with their projects; for example Hecquet for the manufacture of a customized vacuum lifting device. This equipment can grip and lift a concrete chamber weighing 5,000 kg.

Concrete lifter miniature

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ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, can work with you on your projects. Please contact us or ask us for a quote.