Segment trolleys by ACIMEX

The ACIMEX segment trolley handles the gripping, rotation and depositing of concrete segments for tunnel construction in complete safety. Ask for a quote for a customized model.

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Segment trolley: principle and operation

The segment trolley is a lifting trolley that handles the gripping, rotation and depositing of individual standard and invert segments on the TBM destacker, or their picking directly from the service train. This lifting device is installed either above the erector feeder conveyor or directly in front of the erector. Lifting is carried out by one or more electric cable or chain hoists, depending on the lifting speed and the loads to be lifted.

You can choose to equip this industrial truck with a lifting beam with a suction, or a mechanical or hydraulic gripping system.

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Key technical features

The CE certified ACIMEX segment trolley, has many features that guarantee optimum reliability and safety in extreme environments. What is more, it can perform rotations of 90° and handle loads weighing up to 20 tonnes. The segment truck is suspended under one or two bearing tracks depending on the geometry of the TBM, and its transfer is handled by two geared brake electric motors controlled by a frequency converter.

Did you know ?
NFM Technologies, Robbins, Mitsubishi, Ishikawajima, Wirth, Hitachizosen and Bessac are all customers who have called on ACIMEX for the design and manufacture of segment trolleys.

ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, can work with you on your projects. Please contact us or ask us for a quote.