Handling of walls and concrete slabs with ACIMEX equipment

Thanks to the Concretelift lifting devices designed by ACIMEX, handling of concrete walls and slabs is controlled from start to finish. Ask for your quote for the price of a customized vacuum lifter that allows you to strip forms, lift, turn over, tilt and/or store concrete loads in record time.


Focus on concrete walls and slabs

Concrete walls and slabs, prefabricated floors or any other type of concrete product are obtained by pouring concrete into moulds. The concrete is then heated in furnaces (steam) and then demoulded at the end of the cycle. Note that the stripping of concrete walls and slabs requires a minimum drying time for the concrete to acquire the properties required for construction.

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All these concrete loads are generally large and therefore difficult to handle. The Concretelift machines produced by ACIMEX are equipped with technology that provides enhanced safety and a tenfold increase in productivity.

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ACIMEX, specialist in the handling of concrete

ACIMEX Concretelift handling equipment is used on construction sites all over the world. Thanks to their suction cups, which provide vacuum lifting, gripping takes place gently. Forces are spread over the entire surface of the concrete walls and slabs, and not on a single anchor point as with vacuum lifters with hooks, nuts or lifting rings.

The technology of the suction cup system on ACIMEX machines also allows the concrete to be stripped of its forms without creating the slightest crack, and tilted in less than 10 minutes. This is a real asset for contractors needing to handle concrete walls and slabs.

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ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, can work with you on your projects. Please contact us or ask us for a quote.