Industrial automation is at the heart of ACIMEX know-how

ACIMEX is specialized with its Autolift range in the design of automatic handling machines to reduce its customers' manufacturing costs as much as possible, while increasing their productivity.

What is industrial automation ?

Industrial automation consists in using programmable machines which operate in complete autonomy thanks to advanced technology (such as optical and acoustic sensors). This process is particularly suitable for optimising the productivity of companies in the industrial sector, since the automated (so-called "intelligent") equipment is usable 7 days a week and 24 hours a day without interruption.

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Focus on the latest Autolift special machine manufactured by ACIMEX

Like Maybe and Johnson, Umicore, Dimeco and Trigano, Graftech has called on ACIMEX expertise. The world leader in the production of graphite electrodes has just been equipped with a new installation of transfer and "buffer stock" of electrode stacks (2 graphite electrodes strapped on two wooden chevrons). This installation designed by ACIMEX handles the gripping of electrode stacks (dimensions: 1,000 x 1,800 to 1,600 x 3,800 mm, maximum weight: 7.2 tonnes) from the production output line to the storage feeder, before their transport by forklift truck to the outside of the factory.

This custom-made Autolift automatic handling machine that puts an electrode stack into storage every 4 minutes at the line output enables Graftech to increase its productivity, as it operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, can work with you on your projects. Please contact us or ask us for a quote.