Global lifting solutions

ACIMEX is an expert in the lifting and industrial handling of heavy loads. The company brings original solutions to its clients and prospects’ logistical issues. Owing to its 3 technological axes and to 51 years of expertise, ACIMEX is able to answer a wide range of specific demands and to conceive custom-made solutions.

Vacuum handling

ACIMEX is known worldwide for its competence in vacuum handling ; the company is also number one in the world for the production of segment erectors. ACIMEX vacuum lifters can be used in many application domains, like metallurgy or precast concrete.

Vacuum handling is very easy and very quick to use, and also preserves the integrity of the product. Moreover, this is an unavoidable system for some operations (tunnel).

Mechanical handling

Mechanical lifting is done using a motorized or hydraulic grab ; this more traditional technique is adapted to any type of material or area. ACIMEX has notably designed and produced segments and breakwaters grabs.

Automation handling

ACIMEX offers bespoke machines to automate the handling process of a production line. These machines mix vacuum handling techniques with mechanical handling. This automated solution works 24/7, with a minimum of operators.

A global solution by ACIMEX

ACIMEX has the required competences and means to reply to any specifical handling issue, unique and adapted to the project of the prospect. The added value of ACIMEX is definitely to offer the most appropriate and attractive lifting solution for its client, based on the company’s experience and on the needs of the client. Each solution is custom-made according to the project.

ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, can work with you on your projects. Please contact us or ask us for a quote.