For several decades, the Principality of Monaco has been facing a lack of space on its territory which barely exceeds 2 km². The only way out to expand is to extend its borders by gaining land on the sea. In this context, ACIMEX was entrusted with the manufacturing of a lifting solution to take and turn over concrete parts which will constitute, in the long run, a new district called “L'Anse du Portier”.

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An enormous Monegasque project

The Monegasque State, conceding public authority, signed a treaty in July 2015 entrusting the design, construction and marketing of the new district to the Project Management provided by SAM Anse du Portier. The builder, BOUYGUES TRAVAUX PUBLICS Monaco, is in charge of carrying out all the works for the maritime infrastructure.

This project has three phases of work:

  1. Maritime infrastructure
  2. Works and public amenities
  3. Private structures and superstructures

This is the biggest private real estate project in Monaco, representing 6 hectares, consisting of a platform and surrounded by a protective belt composed of 18 concrete boxes. It will be completely finalized and connected to the coast by two dikes at the end of 2019. Started in spring 2016, the project will be fully delivered in 2025.
In this context, the French manufacturer has decided to use ACIMEX to provide all the lifting equipment needed to allow the grip and reversal of the handrails (concrete parts). These handrails will dress the concrete boxes that will constitute the jetty.

The handling equipment provided by ACIMEX must be sized to withstand:

  • Ambient temperatures from -5 ° C to + 30 ° C
  • Snow and wind rules «N.V.65»
  • Kerala level storms> 39 - zone AQ2

ACIMEX wins the tender with its 2-in-1 lifting solution

For this large-scale project, the full ACIMEX team was mobilized to provide a vacuum lifter coupled with a turning device. The project manager first studied the feasibility of the project, then the Design Office took care of the realization of plans & calculation notes. Afterwards, the production teams were involved in the manufacture, installation and commissioning onsite.

With its load capacity of more than 9T, the combined lifter allows the horizontal demolding, turning, storage and installation of handrails on the boxes. The combination of vacuum technology, developed by ACIMEX, and the mechanical action of a belt turner makes it possible to handle handrails of different lengths in complete safety. Indeed, thanks to a radio-controlled box, the user is deported from the machine, thus avoiding any risk of injury. A removable hook completes the set, allowing the adjustment of the center of gravity.

Suspended from a mobile crane, the ACIMEX vacuum lifter produces its own energy, a thermal version having been preferred: a 100% self-contained equipment that requires no external power supply.
Equipped with specific rubber seals, the ACIMEX 2-in-1 lifter guarantees the integrity of the handrails by leaving no trace on the finished product, an aesthetic requirement indicated in the contractor's specifications.

A unique achievement, respectful of the environment

A strong ambition regarding sustainable development and protection of the environment animates the “Anse du Portier” project in all its components. This is why the design of this new eco-district was created to respect the marine and terrestrial ecosystem, as it is surrounded by 2 protected reserves.
Each of the 18 concrete boxes was precast in Marseille by a box manufacturer. Each box was towed by sea to Monaco, and placed on a backfill.

This exceptional, innovative and environmentally-friendly project is a first for ACIMEX. A key player in the handling of heavy loads in the public works sector, ACIMEX is gaining recognition thanks to this unique project and is expanding its range of global solutions to lift heavy loads.

ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, can work with you on your projects. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask us for a quote.

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