Vacuum lifters by ACIMEX

ACIMEX, the leader for the industrial handling of heavy loads, designs and manufactures all types of vacuum lifters for gripping bulky concrete, steel or PVC parts. Ask for a quote for a customized vacuum lifter.

How do ACIMEX vacuum lifters work?

The vacuum lifters that ACIMEX designs and manufactures are lifting devices, equipped with suction cups and operating on the principle of handling by vacuum. In other words, the loads for handling are raised by a suction cup thanks to atmospheric pressure capable of lifting 10 tonnes per 1 m2. This is a powerful technique that is often used to grip heavy loads in extreme conditions and on hostile or restricted terrain.

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Vacuum lifters suited to the handling of your choice

With ACIMEX vacuum lifters, it is possible to perform the following operations :

  • Lifting and transporting concrete segments (with the standalone storage lifting beam);
  • Lifting and positioning prefabricated floor slabs, platform edges (45° angle), tactile paving slabs or vertical walls;
  • Turning over heavy and bulky concrete frames;
  • Picking up one or more steel or concrete tubes to position them in an excavation or to transport them to a place of storage or loading;
  • Lifting, handling and nesting of ductile iron pipes owing to a patented system from ACIMEX
  • Demoulding and turning over through 180° of concrete parts such as telecommunications chambers, tanks, rooms, trays, vaults or containers;
  • Demoulding and tilting concrete retaining walls;
  • Moving cast iron, steel, or concrete pipes or tanks, or even composite parts with complex shapes;
  • Handling of flat sheets and segments of wind towers during their manufacture in the factory;
  • Handling very high added value composite materials (aeronautics) without the risk of damaging them thanks to the rubber suction unit.

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All types of materials supported

Vacuum lifters handle the gripping and movement of widely varying parts, regardless of their material, including:

ACIMEX has been working for 51 years in the service of the very large scale civil engineering and construction industries (Bouygues, Vinci, etc.). Whether it is lifting devices for the construction of tunnels, or for energy networks (or requirements in the metallurgy and aviation fields), our company undertakes to design, manufacture and provide you with a customized vacuum lifter, with a guaranteed result.

ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, can work with you on your projects. Please contact us or ask us for a quote.