ACIMEX and APS successfully collaborate on automated plants for breakwaters

APS, the diversification brand of CBE Group, was looking for a reliable and safe handling solution for its plants, able to lift every type of bloc for breakwaters. ACIMEX put its knowledge at the service of APS and conceived tailored equipment. This successful collaboration reveals the cohesive force of CBE Group.

APS and ACIMEX, an obvious collaboration

The idea for this collaboration was born for the new Costal Road project in 2014 in La Réunion, and once again came to mind on the Calais Port 2015 project, for the building of a dam that will protect the french coasts from the waves. APS had to conceive an automated plant for the production of blocs for a breakwater. Always keen to create ever more complete offers, APS thought about integrating tailored additional equipment : a lifting solution for concrete elements when they are leaving the factory, and a system to sweep the plates once they have been evacuated, after the demoulding phase.
In order to respect the safety norms followed for handling and to find an answer to its need of expertise and know-how in the lifting of heavy loads, APS naturally trusted ACIMEX, expert in this domain for almost 50 years. C-hooks were conceived for the project, as well as a sweeper by the « bespoke machines » ACIMEX department.

Moulds and equipment, a promising complementarity

After being used for the plants of La Réunion, Aberdeen and Calais, ACIMEX equipment is now systematically integrated to the breakwater plants. APS plans to conceive tailored moulds and carousels for any type of precast element, and above all to create for its clients full offers which include from the beginning all the necessary equipment to optimize production and management of the storage park. One contact for the client, several areas of expertise in just one offer : APS and ACIMEX are mixing their skills to improve performance.
ACIMEX and APS are presently working together on a new armour unit project, which will happen in the Netherlands in 2019.

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