ACIMEX bespoke machines

ACIMEX designs and manufactures bespoke machines to improve its customers’ productivity. Focus on this equipment, critical to the production line, which enables heavy loads to be handled safely.

What is the purpose of a bespoke machine?

Bespoke machines are pieces of equipment installed on production lines (handling line, output line, etc.) and which are used to move different types of heavy loads from point A to point B (storage area).

ACIMEX is specialized in the manufacture of equipment fitted with suction cups which detect the weight, the diameter and the size of heavy loads in order to grip them in complete safety and so facilitate the production process.

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Watch an ACIMEX bespoke machine in action

Custom manufacture for a turnkey solution

Using its know-how in custom design and manufacture, ACIMEX innovates constantly to create bespoke machines that meet the needs of each of its customers. Two types of bespoke machines have been developped at the beginning of 2017 in ACIMEX factories, one to grip sandwich panels of 160 kg safely, and the other to move and store graphite electrodes. Evidence, once again, that ACIMEX offers turnkey solutions to its customers, and this regardless of the type of handling performed.

ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, can work with you on your projects. Please contact us or ask us for a quote.