Apprenticeship:Another way of transmitting ACIMEX’s know-how

Six months ago, Jérémy Bride Bonnot joined the electrical workshop at ACIMEX as an apprentice. In order to validate his electrotechnical degree, he will spend the next two years with the local SME, a time he will use to put into practice everything he learns electricity-wise at school. For ACIMEX, the transmission of knowledge through apprenticeship is also a way to perpetuate the activity while increasing the skills of its young employees: a win-win bet!

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What is your school background? What does this work/study contract bring to you ?

« I first graduated from a professional bachelor’s degree called Melec (Electricity and its Connected Environments) in the Loire Valley. I then chose a two-year work/study degree in electronics to be able to get a foothold in the business world quickly.
This choice of orientation was made a little by chance, by chatting with my entourage and also by meeting people who have successfully followed this course.
At the moment, I do not regret this choice and I am already thinking about a possible commercial training, which would complement my technical background.
The breakdown of school / business time every two weeks allows me to follow long-term projects. For example, I can work from A to Z on the manufacturing of electrical boxes for the ACIMEX vacuum lifting devices.
I’ve come to realize that, when I am at ACIMEX, I use only 40% of the theory taught in school. Sometimes I even work on projects where the required knowledge has not yet been discussed in class. I am, for example, ahead of the programme regarding the functional analysis of the machines.»

What does a typical day look like at ACIMEX?

« It's hard to describe a typical day because it depends on the workload of the production shop. There are days when I only do electrical wiring, and there are other days when I alternate with box assembly, functional analysis, and even supplier sourcing for specific electrical equipment. A variety of missions that I really like.»

What activities do you enjoy the most?

« For the moment, I really enjoy electrical diagrammes, from discovering what they need to look like to creating them. It’s an office job that I did not know but I find it very interesting. Indeed, it is about creating the electrical network to operate lifting devices. I also like to work on new software like SEE Electrical.»

Can you tell us about your future job? How will this experience help you?

« I have no precise idea of what my future job will be, but I would like to visit customers, and why not make technical interventions in France and abroad.
The experience at ACIMEX will allow me to gain autonomy and enrich my knowledge of electrical jobs. More generally, by working in this SME, I hope to be then able to more easily understand the world of work.»

ACIMEX supports and trains its apprentices in vacuum lifting solutions

Throughout his apprenticeship at ACIMEX, Jérémy is accompanied by his tutor Brice Rabouin, the Electrical Department Manager. Eager to share his knowledge on manufacturing vacuum handling solutions, Brice also has the responsibility to transmit good habits to his student in order to facilitate his integration within the team. "Adaptation, autonomy and listening skills are required to be a good apprentice," says Brice. For the future, Jérémy would like to travel across the country, by moving on construction sites. As for Brice, he easily sees Jérémy's future within ACIMEX.

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