Additional services

ACIMEX provides further services in addition to the design and realization of lifting beams and devices for lifting heavy loads.

Effective maintenance

As a key service aimed at our clients, and to ensure the sustainability of our lifter beams, we deliver a list of spare parts with each device as well as a manual maintenance book. These elements thus allow each user to establish his own preventive maintenance plan depending on the hours of use of his ACIMEX lifting beam.

We also offer the possibility to our customers of having their lifter beams maintained by us according to a maintenance contract established between us. Our experts visit the site, diagnose and modify according to the wear of the parts.

service plus

Commissioning of ACIMEX apparatus

Commissioning is also included in our services. After delivering the device, we visit the site and perform the commissioning, and then using the customer’s parts we test the load capacity in its actual situation while adding an extra safety margin.

This commissioning stage allows us to train the user personnel in the manipulation of the lifter beam and the handling of loads, in the use of the push buttons box, etc., and hence to fully understand the functioning of our devices while observing all the safety rules.

We also offer the possibility to our customers and prospective customers of using rented lifter beams for the duration of a construction site (e.g.: for the installation of slabs).

A warranty that is specific to ACIMEX products

ACIMEX guarantees and takes the responsibility for a fault only if the device is maintained in good condition using recommended ACIMEX spare parts. The use of any other spare parts from an outside supplier could endanger the safety of the personnel employed to use the lifting beam and would not fall within the terms of the warranty contract.

ACIMEX, the expert in heavy handling, works with you on your projects. Please contact us or ask us for a quote.

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